The Importance of Using an Electrical Contractor for all Electric Work

By Brad Arnold

© Brad Arnold

Many homeowners and home improvement buffs enjoy do-it-yourself projects. From small jobs, like replacing kitchen cabinets and repainting a bedroom, to larger jobs, such as full home remodeling, do-it-yourself projects can be fun, rewarding, and can save you lots of money. However, there is one job that no homeowner should do on his or her own and that is electrical work.

Performing electrical work yourself can be extremely dangerous and, in some cases, it is even illegal, which is why if you need electrical work done in your home, you must hire a professional, licensed, electrical contractor to do the job.

Forget about the fact that you could cause expensive damage to your home doing your own electrical work for a moment and think about everything that could go wrong and the bodily injury a mistake could cause. Working with electricity you run the risk of potential fires, burns and electrical shock, all of which could ultimately prove fatal.

Just as dangerous as trying to do electrical work yourself, is hiring unlicensed individuals to do the work for you. Often, homeowners look to save a few bucks by hiring individuals who lack the experience and knowledge that comes with a licensed professional electrical contractor. This can be just as dangerous as doing the work yourself. Not only do you put yourself, your property, and members of your household at risk, but you could be held liable for anything that happens to that individual.

When you use a licensed electrical contractor, you know that you are getting someone who has knowledge, skill, experience, and the background necessary to do the job. However, not all licensed contractors are good. An electrical contractor whose license is backed up with a membership to a professional organization like the Better Business Bureau is a big plus. You can also check for a history of customer complaints, and find information on poor workmanship, any time issues, or inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.

Another important thing to check is whether or not the electrical contractor you are thinking of using is bonded and insured. This covers you or any loses that may result if the electrical contractor makes a mistake or causes some sort of damage to your home. Most professional licensed electrical contractors are typically bonded and insured, but don’t be afraid to verify that they are.

Also note that many electrical contractors may specialize in a certain type of work and some are more experienced than others. If, for example, you are looking for someone to install electrical swimming pool equipment, be sure that the electrical contractor you are considering has done this sort of work before. It may save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Above all else, be sure that you have a good rapport with the electrical contractor you use. There is nothing more difficult than having to deal with someone on a professional level that you cannot stand to be around. Even if you are not present for the work, remember that you will be dealing with your electrical contractor on a one-on-one basis at least part of the time. Be sure to meet your electrical contractor in person before moving forward with the job.

These are just a few tips to help you start planning your next electrical project. If you have any questions regarding any form of electrical work in Turlock, the Modesto area, or Stanislaus and Merced counties, give Automated Equipment a call today.

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